What happens if I’m running late to my VCE exam?

You may be completely intent on making it to school on time for your VCE Units 3&4 exam, but sometimes transport delays get in the way. Here are the rules if you’re running late to a VCAA exam.

If you’re running 0-30 minutes late after the scheduled start of writing time

You will be allowed into the exam room and get full writing time, but you won’t be given any reading time. Hopefully, your delay won’t be longer than this!

If you’re running more than 30 minutes late after the scheduled start of writing time

You will only be allowed into the exam room if:

  • The principal (or representative) of the school you’re sitting the exam in allows you to
  • You sign a Statutory Declaration (a contract) saying that you understand that VCAA may not grade your exam paper in the end (basically if they think you don’t have a legitimate excuse for being late)
  • You complete a Statutory Declaration at the end of the exam, telling VCAA why you were late, and that you had no knowledge of any of the contents of the exam paper prior to going into the exam room
  • Your lateness doesn’t disrupt other students

If you meet all of the above criteria, you will be given full writing time, but no reading time.

If you’re late to a performance or oral exam

You may have your exam rescheduled as long as you have a valid reason which is backed up by your school.

For more detailed information, consult with your VCE Coordinator or the VCAA Exam Navigator booklet (which has the exam timetable in it). Whatever you do, do your best to be at school at least 30 minutes earlier than the start of your exam, so you can settle your nerves, and smash the exam.

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