3 ways to deal with VCE stress

Stress is pretty much unavoidable in VCE – it’s probably the most important time of your schooling life after all! With VCE exams looming, here are ACED’s tips for combating stress.

1. Make time to relax

If you are feeling anxious, try a relaxation strategy that works for you – simply take a few deep breaths, try meditation (we like www.calm.com), yoga, or exercise (maybe go for a short walk).

Scientific research shows that students who meditate (which only requires a few minutes a day) significantly increase their attention span (which is essential for learning), have more positive emotions, and significantly reduce their levels of stress.

2. Do something about the stressor

If you are stressed, think about what is causing the stress (known as the ‘stressor’), and actually do something about it instead of continuing to worry. For example, if you are feeling stressed because you haven’t revised a particular topic, work on it as soon as you can.

Many problems stem from poor communication – ensure you speak to your teachers if you’re feeling overwhelmed with work and see if you can negotiate new due dates (before the due date of course!), and communicate with your family about your VCE priorities so they don’t hassle you with stuff (VCE is a great excuse to delegate chores!).

3. Think positively

A little bit of stress can be a good thing – it can help motivate us to work. If you think that your VCE exams could ruin you, think more positively, and consider it a great challenge for you to overcome and demonstrate how much you know – you will make it through your exams in one piece! Make the VCE an opportunity to show the world how hard-working and awesome you are.

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ACED wishes you the best VCE exam success!

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