What subjects are available?

We offer Exam Revision Lectures in Units 3&4:

  • Biology
  • Business Management
  • Health & Human Development
  • Legal Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Psychology

How much do ACED Exam Revision Lectures cost?

All ACED Exam Revision Lectures are great value, at $65 for a 3.5-hour seminar run by our expert teachers, with FREE tracked, carbon-neutral delivery of the printed notes.

Early bird and Bundle discounts also apply, so get in quick!

Where are ACED Exam Revision Lectures held?

Our lectures will be held online as a live webinar, via Zoom. The webinar function of Zoom means that your mic and camera will automatically be disabled; however, you will be able to interact with the presenter using the Q&A function. Your unique link will be emailed to you 24-48 hours prior to your sessions. The webinar notes will be printed and posted to you approximately a couple of weeks prior to the webinar series.

Who are the presenters?

All of our presenters are expert teachers who are experienced VCE Exam Assessors. Read more about them here.

What have past attendees thought?

Have a read of our testimonials here.

What are the benefits of ACED Exam Revision Lectures?

ACED has a reputation for producing quality revision resources that are trusted by hundreds of schools across Victoria, with our lectures being attended by thousands of students each year. Check out our blog post here for more reasons why our Revision Lectures are the best.

I’m a teacher – can I book tickets for my class/a school group to attend?

Absolutely! Teachers can complete the school group booking form here.

Teachers wishing to make an individual booking via school purchase order number can fill out our group booking form. Simply nominate 0 students where applicable.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa and MasterCard through our online booking system.

When is the last opportunity to book a ticket?

You can book ACED Exam Revision Lectures up to the start time of the webinar; however, the later you book, the less likely the printed notes will arrive in your mailbox prior to the webinar, so book early!

Help – I don’t have a webinar link / I can’t connect to the webinar!

You will receive a unique link to the webinar 24-48 hours prior to the session to your registered email address – please note that this may be your parent’s email address, depending on which email they booked with.

If you do not receive the webinar link 24 hours prior to the session, please complete this form, and we will resend the webinar link to an alternative email address just prior to the webinar starting. Please nominate a personal email address (e.g., Gmail, Outlook, iCloud), as some school email servers block Zoom messages.

For more help with connecting to the webinar, please click here.

Will there be a break during the session?

Yes, there will be 2-3 short breaks across each session.

What should I have on the day of the lecture?

  • A comfortable and quiet space for you to view the webinar.
  • A device for you to view the webinar – Zoom allows you to join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device. Only one device per paid attendee can be used to view the live webinar. For more information about using Zoom, please click here.
  • Pens + highlighters.
  • Notepad if you want to take extra notes – we will post a comprehensive set of study notes (the lecture slides).

I’m unable to make it to the webinar – can I get a recording or refund?

Unfortunately, there will not be a recording available for participants to access – only the live webinar will be available. No change-of-mind refunds are provided. Please find more details in our terms and conditions.

Is my registration/ticket transferable?

No, the attendee must be the person who the booking was made for.

Help – I haven’t received my webinar notes – can I get an electronic copy?

Your notes will be posted to you, depending on the time of your booking. This may take several days to print, pack and post, as we process thousands of bookings for our Exam Revision Lectures each year.

Due to copyright restrictions, ACED does not provide electronic copies of the webinar notes. We would recommend that you follow along with a notepad during the webinar, and take note of any slide numbers to refer back to when your printed notes arrive.

If there are further delays with your delivery, please raise an enquiry with our courier with the tracking number you should have received to your registered email. If you are part of a school group booking, please contact your Teacher.

Help – I have been kicked out of the webinar!

The webinar can only be viewed live by a single device using the unique link sent to you, so please do not share this information with anyone – anyone using the same link will be blocked. Please check that you are not logged into Zoom on any other device. For more help with connecting to the webinar, please click here.

Terms and conditions – individual bookings

  1. No refunds or transfers are available for any reason once a booking is made, due to the postage of the notes booklet.
  2. There will not be a recording available for participants to access – only the live webinar will be available.
  3. Bookings can only be made by an individual attendee – group bookings are not available. This is because an individualised webinar link will be sent to the sole email nominated on the final payment page; therefore, only one attendee can register at a time. Only a single attendee and associated email address can be attached to a bundle booking, and is only applicable to a single transaction through our booking website; ACED/Psyched cannot separate bundled tickets for multiple attendees. Teachers wishing to book a school group or pay through a purchase order should complete this group booking form.
  4. The webinar can only be viewed live by a single device per paid attendee, using a unique link that will be sent prior to the webinar. You must not share this information with anyone – anyone using the same link will be blocked. Tickets purchased through our website are a license for a single attendee only, and not for use in a group or classroom setting.
  5. ACED/Psyched cannot guarantee the arrival of the lecture notes prior to webinar, and cannot guarantee that, in transit, that these will retain their original quality. Notes will only be sent to Australian addresses.
  6. ACED/Psyched cannot guarantee the successful delivery of the webinar, due to technical faults on the part of the attendee. Any technical faults on the part of ACED/Psyched or Zoom will be addressed to the best of our ability. It is the responsibility of the attendee to ensure that the live webinar can be viewed on their chosen device. ACED/Psyched will not offer technical assistance. ACED/Psyched will not bear any responsibility for any interruption to the live webinar that results in the inability for it to be accessed.
  7. Receipt of payment, and therefore, confirmation of your webinar ticket, will be issued immediately after payment. If you do not receive an email confirming your payment in your email inbox within 24 hours, please contact us via email at bookings@acedvce.com. A unique webinar link will be emailed a couple of days prior to the webinars. ACED/Psyched will not accept any responsibility for attendees that have not received an email confirmation or webinar link – it is the responsibility of the attendee to contact ACED/Psyched if they have not received the webinar access link within 24 hours of the webinar commencing. No refunds will be issued for non-attendance of the webinar.
  8. The recording of any ACED/Psyched lecture is strictly prohibited. The copying and dissemination of ACED/Psyched revision materials is strictly prohibited and would constitute a breach of copyright law.
  9. ACED/Psyched reserves the right to alter or revoke the advertised program details (such as a change in presenter), without a refund being available. ACED/Psyched reserves the right to change the date or time of the revision lecture due to circumstances beyond our control (such as illness of a presenter). No refunds will be made if the rescheduled presentation occurs at a different time on the same day. A partial refund of 50% (minus administration fees) will be processed if the attendee is unable to join if the presentation is rescheduled to a different day, or if the presentation is cancelled.
  10. Although every effort will be made to cover as much content from the examinable course as possible, this may not always be possible given time constraints. ACED/Psyched does not take responsibility for any material that is inconsistent with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority’s exam requirements.
  11. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to apply any discount available. ACED/Psyched will not refund tickets, in part or whole, to individuals or groups who seek reimbursement on the basis of not utilising a discount.
  12. ACED/Psyched reserves the right to cancel bookings that are made in breach of the terms and conditions, including bookings made in breach of discount offer conditions.
  13. ACED/Psyched does not bear any responsibility for any material inadvertently published as a result of interference from third parties.
  14. If a resend of the webinar notes are required due to the notes not being received, or an incorrect address being provided to ACED/Psyched, an additional printing and resend fee of $35 will be charged. The notes will be dispatched shortly after payment.
  15. ACED/Psyched will not distribute the webinar notes via electronic means (e.g. an emailed PDF) due to copyright restrictions.
  16. ACED/Psyched does not offer an express delivery service.
  17. No follow-up service regarding the Revision Lecture and associated notes will be provided one month after the presentation date.
  18. A $20 administration fee will apply to requests for transfer of tickets between Psychology sessions. No transfers can occur between different subjects or to different individuals/postal addresses, due to the postage of the notes booklet. No transfers can occur after the 18th of September, 2021.
  19. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms and Conditions at any time.
I've ACED it!

Additional terms and conditions – group bookings

Group bookings must be submitted via this booking form.
Group bookings close on the 10th of September, 2021.

  1. All of the terms and conditions for individual bookings above are applicable to group bookings.
  2. A school purchase order number is required for confirmation of the booking. The full payment of the invoice is required no later than two weeks prior to the lecture date. No refunds are available due to the printing and delivery of the lecture notes.
  3. A group booking can be made for a minimum of two students from a single school, attending a single subject session.
  4. Printed copies of the lecture slides for all attendees are provided. These will be sent for free in bulk to your school. Any alterations from this will attract an additional postage and handling fee.
  5. Under exceptional circumstances, an additional postage and handling fee will apply if any notes need to be posted to an individual’s home address.
  6. Each group of 20 students attending the lecture will receive a free Teacher ticket.
  7. ACED/Psyched will take all orders on face value. No refunds can be made for a change of mind. It is the responsibility of the purchasing school to check for duplicate orders and payments.
  8. Any relevant group booking discount/s will apply for each submission of the group booking form. Additions to a group booking will be treated as a new booking, and therefore, will only attract group discount/s if this new booking reaches the threshold for discount eligibility.
  9. Attendance reports can be provided to teachers upon request for an additional fee, depending on the size of the group.
  10. Bundle discounts do not apply to group bookings. Bundle discounts only apply when booking through our booking website. Please note that students who wish to attend multiple lectures may receive a larger bundle discount directly through our website. Please ask them to book directly. Group bookings via a school invoice do not apply to individual bundle discounts.
  11. Whole-group transfers between Psychology sessions will attract an administration fee. Transfers of individuals within a group will not be permitted.
  12. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms and Conditions at any time.