What score is an A+ in a VCE exam?

Have you ever wondered how well you need to do in your exams to get an A+? Read on to find out.

Step 1

Click on the subjects below to see what you needed in order to get an A+ last year:

For the full list of subjects, click here.

Step 2

Scroll down to the last page, tilted ‘Graded Assessment 3’, which refers to the end of year exam. Then, look at the bottom row of the table, ‘Score Ranges’ – this shows you what score you needed to get in your exam in order to attain a certain grade, in that particular year.

Note that the Score Range is double of what is a possible score in an exam – this is because all exams are marked by at least two assessors (some of which are presenting Revision Lectures at ACED). In our example for Psychology 2015 below, you needed to get a score of more than 120 out of 140 marks (or 86%) in order to receive an A+ for the exam. Of course, this changes from year to year (given differences in the cohort/difficult of the exam) and from subject to subject.

Psych grade dist 2015.gif

Remember that your exam scores help to moderate your SAC scores – read more about this here – that’s why it’s really important to do well on your exam, more than any other assessment. Also note that receiving an A+ for an exam isn’t a guarantee that you’ll receive a 40+ study score – it all depends on how high your A+ is (given there is a range) and how well you do in SACs – read more about study scores here.

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Source:  Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority