Our Expert Teachers

ACED Revision Lectures are presented by engaging, expert teachers.

For Psychology – Mr Ken Ong

Mr Ken Ong manages the VCE Psychology Teachers’ Network, Psyched, teaches VCE Psychology at Melbourne High School, and is also an experienced VCAA assessor. Most of his students have achieved study scores above 40, including several perfect scores. He has completed an APAC-accredited major in Psychology and completed postgraduate research in Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne. He has published a series of practice exams for VCE Psychology students, contributed to the production of online learning videos relating to the new Study Design, and held VCE Coordinator, Senior Year Level Coordinator and Staff Professional Learning positions at Melbourne High School.

For Biology and Health & Human Development – Mr Andrew Keating

Mr Andrew Keating teaches VCE Biology and HHD at Ruyton Girls’ School. He has published a series of exams and subject notes for the current Biology Study Design and is an experienced presenter of Biology revision lectures. Andrew is the co-author for HHD textbooks for both the 1/2 and 3/4 course. He is also an experienced VCAA exam assessor and has helped his students achieve outstanding VCE results.

For Business Management – Mr Shaun Isbister

Mr Shaun Isbister is an experienced teacher of VCE Business Management who has helped many students to achieve outstanding study scores. He is an experienced VCAA exam assessor, author of practice exams, presenter for Edrolo, and is an Assistant Principal at St Helena Secondary. Shaun has also worked as a Business Analyst and a Human Resources Consultant at various consultancy companies in Melbourne.

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