ACED VCE tips & advice

Your VCE is probably the most important time of your schooling life, and ACED is here to help you through it!


Our ACED tips for VCE will help you build strong study skills that will be invaluable not only for your school assessments, but also for the crucial end-of-year VCE exams. You can make a huge difference to your results if you work efficiently and effectively, starting from today. There is always a lot of work to do, and not much time to do it in, so have a positive attitude, prioritise, organise, revise, and achieve success!

We’re also going to share some information about how VCE works, including scaling, ATAR calculation and more! We hope you find it useful, and it would be great if you could like and share our Facebook page with your friends so they can have a read our tips too.

Also, ask your teacher for ACED’s Practice Exams in Psychology, Biology, Health and Human Development, Physical Education, Further Mathematics, Mathematical Methods (CAS), Business Management and Legal Studies.

ACED wishes you the best VCE exam success!

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