3 ways to pick out a good revision lecture

Exams are in just a few months, and you’re probably thinking about all of the ways you could boost your study. Revision lectures are probably the most popular ways of revising the whole year’s content in a short amount of time. They’re particularly useful for revising the stuff you’ve forgotten from the beginning of the year – but do you know how to pick a good revision lecture from an average one?

1. Expert teachers

Even though lectures that are delivered by past VCE students may be cheaper, you can’t know for sure that they are completely up to date with the latest updates from VCAA (the peeps who write the end-of-year exams). Remember, even though a student may have gotten a 40+ study score, this only means she/he was in the top 8% of students for that year – it doesn’t necessarily mean that they would get a 40 this year (given variability in the competition), or that they are an expert.

Teachers of the subject are your most reliable source of information, because they have the experience of explaining concepts to a variety of students for many years, have access to a broader range of resources, and are able to update their delivery each year based on what the Chief Assessor from VCAA tells teachers about the common mistakes students have made last year. All of ACED’s Revision Lectures are presented by teachers who are experienced VCE exam markers – read more about them here.

 2. Practice questions and exam tips

One of the best ways to keep information in your long-term memory is to test yourself. Check that the revision lecture that you choose has practice exam questions given to you, so you can keep engaged, and you can test your understanding. ACED’s presenters have marked thousands of papers in their time teaching, and are able to elaborate on the common mistakes to avoid, and what the exam markers are looking for. You won’t get this from a student presenter!

3. Comprehensive notes

There are heaps of study design dot points that you will be tested on at the end of the year (probably too many!). Make sure that the revision lecture that you attend gives you notes that cover all examinable key knowledge, so that you have a useful study resource in the lead up to exams. ACED Revision Lectures come with printed notes which are posted to you. Some of our competitors don’t even provide any notes!

Be really careful if the notes are written by an inexperienced presenter – as a teacher, I’ve seen many of my Year 12 students bring me lecture notes that are riddled with mistakes that could cost them in their exam! All of ACED’s study notes are written by the teachers who have vast experience in their subjects, so you can be confident that you are getting a reliable revision resource.

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ACED wishes you the best VCE exam success!

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