My VCE results appear to be wrong. Can my exam mark be rechecked or appealed?

Are you disappointed with your VCE study score? Are you unhappy with the three grades you received with your results? You are not alone! Read on to find out what you can do to check and potentially appeal your VCE exam marks.

Firstly, make sure you thoroughly understand how your exams are marked – VCAA’s assessment procedures are very rigorous!

Secondly, review how study scores are calculated and how they are scaled.

An understanding of these will allow you to better interpret the additional information you can seek from VCAA. There are two main options available to you:
1. Obtain a Statement of Examination Marks
2. Inspect your Examination Response Materials

1. Ordering a Statement of Marks

A Statement of Examination Marks shows the mark received for each question (or criterion for performance/oral exams) and the maximum mark obtainable. It also contains the range of scores that correspond to the grade you received.

Basically, this statement gives you an in-depth look at how you scored on each question of your exam (rather than being given the overall exam grade you would have received alongside your study score). This way, you can tell which questions you did well on, and which ones you mistook.

To receive your Statement of Examination Marks, go to the VCAA website:

Note that applications typically close in early February each year, so be sure to submit the form before the due date.

Once you have reviewed the number of marks you received for each question, think about what answer you wrote as best you possibly can. If you are fairly certain that you should have received significantly more marks, then it may be worth proceeding with an inspection of your exam script. Seek advice from your subject teacher on this.

2. Inspecting your exam

If you wish, you may inspect your written exam responses – you’ll get to see your own exam paper. For non-written exams, there is an option to listen to an audio recording of your Music performance exam, however, inspections are not available for other oral and performance exams (e.g. in Languages).

Remember that there are no comments or marks on your exam paper – assessors are forbidden from writing anything on your exam, so that they do not bias the second marking. You can only see what scores you were awarded by ordering a Statement of Marks.

To inspect your exam paper, complete the same form as ordering a Statement of Marks:

Inspecting your exam should take place at your school with your Principal’s permission. Your exam will be mailed to your Principal, and you will need to make an appointment with your school for the inspection. It is also recommended that your teacher is present when you inspect your exam, so be sure to organise this with them too.

The duration of the inspection is approximately 15 minutes per exam, and there is a fee of around $25 per paper (although check the VCAA website for the most up-to-date information). When schools are closed, inspections may take place at the VCAA by appointment. 

In exceptional cases, where it can be demonstrated that a clear error has occurred in the assessment of a question/s, VCAA may consider a VCE Examination Score Review Application, which must be made by your Principal and supported by your subject teacher.

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