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Trusted by over 350 Victorian schools, ACED offers quality Practice Exams in VCE Units 3&4: Biology, Business Management, Health and Human Development, Legal Studies, Maths, Physical Education and Psychology.

With the NEW Biology Study Design being implemented for 2022, ACED is excited to announce that we will be expanding our Biology resource offering. For 2022, we will be publishing:
– SACs for Units 3&4
– Unit 1 Practice Exam
– Unit 2 Practice Exam
– Units 1&2 Practice Exam
– 2 x Units 3&4 Practice Exams

Students – ACED Assessment Resources are exclusive to schools, so ask your teachers if you would like to get access to our high-quality revision resources.

VCE Tutor Directory

Want some extra assistance with your VCE? Check out the ACED VCE Tutor Directory!

You can contact qualified and experienced VCE Teachers in everything from Australian Politics to Psychology!

VCE Exam Revision Lectures

Get your ticket to acing your VCE exams – ACED Exam Revision Lectures will help you prepare for your exams and revise a year’s worth of content with the guidance of expert teachers who are experienced VCE exam markers.

You will receive:

  • A comprehensive set of study notes covering all examinable content (printed and posted to you)
  • Tips and tricks for acing the exam, including common mistakes to avoid
  • Exam-style questions to keep you active throughout the presentation
  • Information about what exam markers look for

What students say

About ACED Lectures

“The notes were fantastic. The speaker was clear, decisive, well-spoken and gave heaps of exam tips.”

“The presenter knew the content well and covered things I had missed in class, but are actually important! The presenter was really clear and easy to understand – he knew how to show us what applying our knowledge really means.”

“I would recommend ACED because the lecture clarified the content that we needed to know for the exam, and the presenter was very engaging and knowledgeable.”

“The presenter used lots of relatable examples in a humorous manner! The notes are really comprehensive and will help me revise everything for the exam.”

About ACED Assessment Resources

“The answers were very detailed versus all other exams.”

“It was more consistent with the study design and was a good level of difficulty.”

“It was very comprehensive, and I particularly liked the explanations in the suggested answers, which was not very well done in other practice exams.”

“The ACED practice exam tested more in depth than other exams I have completed.”

“It was a much more accurate representation of the VCAA exams.”

From a Teacher: “Thank you for sending the exam through – it is one of the best practice exams in terms of providing students with easily readable suggested answers.”

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ACED offers high-quality VCE Exam Revision Lectures and Assessment Resources in a range of subjects, to help students achieve their full potential.

Since 2014, ACED has carefully crafted resources that allow students of all abilities to extend the boundaries of their subject knowledge. Our Assessment Resources are used in over 350 schools across Victoria, and our Exam Revision Lectures are attended by hundreds of students each year.

Thank you for supporting our team of Melbourne teachers at ACED. We look forward to working with you!

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