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All of the tutors in our Directory are currently registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT). VIT registration is a legal requirement for all teachers who undertake the duties of a teacher in a school.

Tutors are available in these VCE subjects for 2021:



Australian and Global Politics


Business Management


Extended Investigation

Health and Human Development


Legal Studies



Physical Education


Studio Arts

Visual Communication Design

Andrew Keating

Expertise: Units 1-4 Health and Human Development, Units 1-4 Biology
Availability: Regular or once-off tutoring

Mr Andrew Keating teaches VCE Biology and HHD at Ruyton Girls’ School. He has published a series of practice exams and subject notes for the current Biology and HHD Study Designs and is an experienced presenter of revision lectures in both subjects. Andrew is the author of multiple HHD textbooks, including for both the current Units 1&2 and 3&4 course. He is also an experienced VCAA Exam Assessor, served as Assistant Chief Assessor for HHD, and has helped his students achieve outstanding VCE results. Andrew has held a Leading Teacher position for Curriculum Innovation, and is currently the VCE Manager at Ruyton Girls’ School. He has also worked as a qualified Physiotherapist and enjoys bringing his health industry experience to the classroom.

Catherine Cloherty

Expertise: Units 1-4 Psychology, Units 1&2 General Mathematics
Regular tutoring

Ms Catherine Cloherty completed a co-major in Psychology and Psychophysiology and postgraduate studies in Applied Psychology. Both her undergraduate and postgraduate research papers were published in international peer-review journals. She worked professionally in psychometrics and counselling for over ten years before training to become a teacher. She now has a Masters degree in Education and has been teaching VCE Psychology since 2013.

Ellie St George

Expertise: Units 3&4 Art, Units 1-4 Media, Units 1-4 Studio Arts, Units 1&2 Visual Communication Design

Availability: Regular tutoring, Once-off tutoring

I have taught VCE Art, Studio Arts and Media the past three years, and also have experience teaching Visual Communication Design. Teaching VCE in a tertiary setting, I have skills to adapt and meet a wide variety of learning needs and backgrounds. This includes teaching these practical subjects to
International and EAL students from various countries. My passion for the Arts and creative mindset will encourage you to unleash and harness your own unique creative thinking skills, important to your VCE Art, Design or Media journey. I am available for online tutoring (via Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams) for individual or group sessions.

Josh Vassallo

Expertise: Units 1-4 Physical Education
Regular tutoring

Mr Josh Vassallo is an experienced VCE PE teacher, VCAA PE exam assessor, presenter and lead exam and SAC writer with a leading PE organisation, ACED exam presenter and Deakin University lecturer who specialises in VCE PE. Josh compliments his teaching experience with 10 years industry experience in Exercise Science, with roles at the Geelong Football Club, Geelong Grammar School and Deakin University. Josh is based in Geelong, but offers tutoring on weekends or weeknights via Zoom, or face to face teaching and learning. Josh has a passion and great success in teaching students the required skills of achieving consistently high marks in their PE SACS and exams.

Kate Broadley

Expertise: Units 1-4 Psychology
Regular tutoring, Once-off tutoring

Kate Broadley has taught VCE Psychology for more than a decade and is an experienced VCAA Psychology Assessor. Each year, her students achieve very highly in the VCAA examination; many score over 40 and most students achieve their highest Study Score in Psychology. Kate’s teaching philosophy is to stretch every student to their potential. She has a Masters degree in Education and worked for many years as an Education Researcher in the tertiary and private sectors. Kate’s passion is preparing students for their exams and ensuring that they feel confident in every dot-point of the Study Design. Tutoring sessions will be online and can be tailored to your individual needs.

Ken Ong

Expertise: Units 3&4 Psychology, Units 3&4 Extended Investigation
Once-off tutoring only – very limited availability

Mr Ken Ong manages the VCE Psychology Teachers’ Network, Psyched, teaches VCE Psychology and Extended Investigation at Melbourne High School, and is also an experienced VCAA Exam Assessor in both subjects. Most of his students have achieved study scores above 40, including several perfect scores. He has completed an APAC-accredited major in Psychology and completed postgraduate research in Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne. He has published a series of practice exams for VCE Psychology students, contributed to the production of online learning videos, and held VCE Coordinator, Senior Year Level Coordinator and Staff Professional Learning positions at Melbourne High School.

Mark Smith

Expertise: Units 1&2 Health and Human Development, Units 1-4 Physical Education
Regular or once-off tutoring

Originally from the UK, Mark has taught Units 1-4 in Physical Education for 7 years. In addition, he has taught Units 1-4 in Health and Human Development. Mark has worked in schools in the UK and Victoria. Currently at Siena College Camberwell, he has held positions as Head of Sport, VCAA Physical Education Assessor (2020) and worked as a SAC Consultant. Mark also played semi professional soccer. He holds a Grad Dip in Physical Education and presented his BA Hons Dissertation at the British Association of Sport and Exercise Science National Conference in 2008. Mark resides in Williamstown but works in Camberwell making him available for tutoring across the inner eastern or western suburbs by face to face or online most days and evenings of the week.

Matthew Wiseman

Expertise: Units 1-4 Biology, Units 1-4 Psychology
Regular tutoring

Mr Matthew Wiseman completed a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Psychology and Exercise Physiology. He currently works at Ruyton Girls’ School where he teaches VCE Psychology and Biology. Matthew is an experienced VCAA examination assessor for both Psychology and Biology, and has helped his students achieve outstanding results. Matthew works in Kew and lives in the Carlton area. He is available for individual or group tutoring, both online and face to face.

Sansha Johnson

Expertise: Units 1-4 Legal Studies
Regular tutoring, Once-off tutoring

I am a senior VCE teacher with around 18 years experience both as a teacher of Legal Studies and an exam marker. I completed a law degree at the Australian National University and worked in alternative dispute resolution prior to becoming a teacher. I have a particular interest in working with individual needs students including those on the autism spectrum, with ADD/ADHD or with anxiety. I also have qualifications in EAL and so am able to work well with students for whom English is an additional language. I am available to teach online (over Skype, Microsoft teams, Zoom or similar) or in person in the Knox/ Glen Waverley area.

Shaun Isbister

Expertise: Units 1-4 Business Management, Units 1-4 Economics, Units 3&4 Extended Investigation
Regular tutoring

I have taught VCE Business Management and Economics over the past 11 years and have extensive experience as an exam assessor for Business Management. I run exam preparation lectures for both VCE Business Management and Economics and can share my insights around ‘how to think like an assessor’ in the exam. Tutoring sessions will be online and can be weekly, fortnightly, or whatever suits your needs. Individual or group sessions available.

Simon Phelan

Expertise: Units 1-4 Accounting, Units 1-4 Business Management, Units 1&2 Economics, Units 1-4 Legal Studies
Regular or once-off tutoring

I am a Senior Commerce teacher with over 30 years experience teaching all 4 Commerce subjects. I have also had experience assessing VCE examinations for the VCAA in all 4 Commerce subjects including assessing in 2020. Currently co-author of Key Concepts in VCE Business Management Units 3&4 and Key Concepts in VCE Economics Book 2 and Accounting for VCE Workbook (McMillan).

Susan Driessen

Expertise: Units 1-4 Australian and Global Politics, Units 1-4 Business Management, Units 1-4 Economics, Units 1&2 History, Units 1-4 Legal Studies
Regular or once-off tutoring

I have taught Politics and Business for the past 10 years and also have experience teaching Economics and Legal Studies. I have a degree in politics and law and was a Federal Police Officer for 10 years. I have been an exam assessor for Legal Studies, Business Management and Global Politics so I am familiar with the expectations of the course. I am able to work online or in person and am available Monday to Thursday evenings. I would be happy to do some further sessions around exam time.

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