VCE Revision Lectures

Get your ticket to acing your VCE exams – ACED Revision Lectures will help you revise a year’s worth of content with the guidance of expert teachers who are experienced VCE exam markers.

Held at the Melbourne Brain Centre at Melbourne University, ACED offers Revision Lectures in:

  • Units 3&4 Business Management – September 23rd 2019
  • Units 3&4 Biology – September 24th 2019
  • Units 3&4 Health and Human Development – September 25th 2019
  • Units 3&4 Psychology – September 23rd, 24th and 25th 2019

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You will receive:

  • A comprehensive set of study notes covering all examinable content
  • Tips and tricks for acing the exam, including common mistakes to avoid
  • Exam-style questions to keep you active throughout the presentation
  • Information about what exam markers look for

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